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Aaliyah Reed

Everclear Grain Alcohol - 1.75 liters

Everclear Grain Alcohol - 1.75 liters

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Everclear is a brand of neutral grain spirit that is 151 proof. Distilled from 100% selected grains, Everclear 151 Proof Grain Alcohol provides a neutral flavor profile and a high proof, giving it a unique ability to extract even the subtlest of flavors and offer you with a clean slate, a blank canvas, and endless potential. It is a rectified spirit made from corn and bottled at 151 proof (75.5% alcohol by volume). As with any liquid, the higher the alcohol content, the better its ability to extract flavor. So the high proof of Everclear makes it virtually unbeaten in the realm of infusions. This level of purity also leads to an extremely neutral flavor profile. It is yielding infusions with pure and untainted flavor. For these reasons, many mixologists prefer Everclear for infusions over vodkas or other spirits and have done so for decades.This 151 Proof Whiskey adds a kick to soft drinks or juices or can be used in any rum or vodka-based cocktail. It is incredibly potent and should be used strictly and responsibly. Please don't drink it straight! The high alcohol content makes it ideal for cooking to extract the flavors of the food. Enjoy!

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